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Paving the Way for Successful CLASS Implementation

ACOs: Missing Accountability from a Very Critical Stakeholder

Imagine that you decided to run an Accountable Car-Care Organization. The government announces that you would no longer be paid on repairs alone, but for keeping cars on the road and out of the garage. You might contract with qualified...

Quality, Cost and ACOs: What Have We Learned from HMOs?

National health reform legislation gave birth to accountable care organizations, which were touted as a model to promote quality and reduce costs of health care delivery, but are they “HMOs on steroids”?

Achieving Person-Centered Care Through Accountable Care Organizations

This year, the first members of the baby boomer generation will turn age 65, forcing a wholesale re-imagining of the meaning and process of aging and the systems that serve older people.

Paying–and Playing–for Prevention: Is it Worth a Pound of Cure?

Health reform has renewed the emphasis on prevention as a means of achieving costs savings. But will prevention save money, and do we even know what works?