Monthly Archives: April 2011

Where’s the Patient in the Patient-Centered Medical Home?

PCMH models are new, diverse, dynamic, and evolving. We need to understand them, work with them, and design them from blueprints that meet patients’ needs.

Will Hospital Cost-Shifting Blunt the Impact of Medicare Payment Reform?

The economics literature has not consistently found that cost shifting exists, and when it is discovered, the rate of shifting tends to be far lower than a dollar for dollar transfer.

New Ways to Increase Physical Activity and Play: Using What’s Already in Our Backyards

Joint-use agreements can make a significant impact on the number of locations available for communities to engage in physical activity and play, while protecting the interests of schools and city agencies.

Progress Needed on End-of-Life Care

We know palliative care helps. Let's make it standard care.

Preventive Screenings Could be Harmful to Your Health

An unwieldy mix of factors—some cultural, others financial—seem to have created a perfect storm that keeps all the testing machinery in overdrive.

Paving the Way for Successful CLASS Implementation

A major challenge of the current system of care for adults with functional limitations is the inability of middle-income individuals to protect themselves against the financial risk of needing and accessing available supports and services.

Text4baby: Health Care Providers Are Connecting With Mothers-To-Be Via Cellphones

A program that sends free health and wellness cellphone text messages to women during pregnancy and the first year of the baby’s life has been getting attention for its positive results.