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Consumers Add Their 2 Cents to Health Laws Plan Labels

The HIT Hit: (PPACA’s Health Insurance Tax)

The 2010 health care law hits small business with a barrage of inequities. Among the most egregious is the health insurance tax (HIT) that will bludgeon small business.

Bundled Payment, Transparency, and Market Competition: What’s Under Wraps?

Bundling provides incentives for providers to differentiate product and price and enables purchasers and payers to compare and contrast offerings.

New Labels Will Help Consumers Choose Health Plans

Cars have sticker prices, ketchup bottles have nutrition facts labels and soon health plans will get coverage labels, too.

Being a Consumer Isn’t Just About Money, It’s About Choice

In a system that generates income by providing more and more services, the only party currently paying attention to the necessary care question is the government and employers. Shouldn’t people receiving the care have the greatest say in...