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Our (Limited) Policy Toolbox for Slowing Health Care Spending Growth

Health Care Law Subsidies: A Tale of Two Cities

When families gather in 2014, PPACA’s fairness will be questioned around many a dinner table. In that year, members of Congress from high cost-of-living areas are likely to hear quite a few of those questions from displeased...

A Brief History of Health Spending Since 1965

In 1965 health spending was 6 percent. As of June 2011, it sits at 18.2 percent. This blog piece traces the growth in health spending share of GDP from 1965 to present and identifies important historical patterns and bends in the curve.

Slowing Health Care Spending Is Crucial To Our Fiscal Future

Unless the U.S. can slow the rate of growth in health care spending, we’re going to keep having paralyzing debt debates time and time again.

PPACA and the Jobless Recovery

Job creation anemia did not begin with the 2010 health care law. But if small-business owners are correct, PPACA could prolong a situation that, in August 2011, is dire.