Monthly Archives: September 2010

Health Reform and Safety Net Clinics: Preparing for Change

In the midst of health reform, there continues to be uncertainty about how health reform legislation will affect the actual delivery of health care, especially at the nation’s safety net clinics.

Sending Innovations Abroad. Only a Change in Incentives Will Bring Them Back.

Innovation in medicine is alive and well, but the American health system often means that those innovations never reach our shores.

The Senate Needs to Act Now to Fix the Cracks in Our Nation’s Food Safety System

The recall of a half billion eggs is just the latest reminder that our current food safety system is inadequate and lacks the resources to respond to many modern threats to our food supply.

Palliative Care–Difficult Conversations, Significant Results

Terminal illness is one of the most difficult issues in medicine and health policy, forcing us to address end of life care, death, quality of life, and the limits of modern medicine.