Monthly Archives: August 2011

What Community Health Centers Mean to Economic and Health Security

Reductions in funding for health centers threaten to erode capacity and jeopardize access to care for millions of Americans.

Slowing Health Care Spending Is Crucial To Our Fiscal Future

Unless the U.S. can slow the rate of growth in health care spending, we’re going to keep having paralyzing debt debates time and time again.

Public Health Strategies: Enlisting a New Generation

Service learning presents an amazing opportunity to include children and youth in efforts to deal with the public health crises that are obesity and the play deficit.

e-Patient Networks on the Rise

In this era of government gridlock, consumers are no longer waiting for the political establishment to solve the nation’s health care crisis. Instead, they are banding together to fix problems themselves.

Hospitals and “Post-Hospital” Care

The core of health care now is the support of persons living with chronic conditions. Building a care system that can meet this new need requires more than tinkering with some bandages.

PPACA and the Jobless Recovery

Job creation anemia did not begin with the 2010 health care law. But if small-business owners are correct, PPACA could prolong a situation that, in August 2011, is dire.

Dignity as the Cornerstone to Better Care

The Dignity-Driven Decision-Making focus is to transform health care decision-making to explicitly include quality of life, dignity, and self determination as key outcomes for all and particularly for those with advanced illness.

HeartLink Program Reduces Hospital Readmissions

Hospital readmissions in the HeartLink group versus regular care are lower. And when they do get readmitted … they aren’t as sick, and don’t stay in the hospital as long.