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The Tipping Point in America’s Obesity Epidemic

Public Health Strategies: Enlisting a New Generation

Service learning presents an amazing opportunity to include children and youth in efforts to deal with the public health crises that are obesity and the play deficit.

Child’s Play: It’s a Social Justice Issue

Play offers children a unique opportunity to face social justice issues head on, while also providing them space to work through a myriad of scenarios that highlight just how aware children are of the disparities we face.

Prevention Works: How Health Statistics Contribute to Sound Policy Decisions

Health and nutrition data determines not only if we have made progress against public health threats, but also if prevention funds are appropriately targeted.

New Ways to Increase Physical Activity and Play: Using What’s Already in Our Backyards

Joint-use agreements can make a significant impact on the number of locations available for communities to engage in physical activity and play, while protecting the interests of schools and city agencies.