Monthly Archives: January 2011

New Year’s Resolution: A Healthier America?

As we enter a new year, perhaps the nation should makes its own New Years resolution to improve its own health, and the Public Health and Prevention Fund is a first start.

We Can’t Bend the Cost Curve Without Talking About Costs

If we ever want to bend the health care “cost curve,” we will eventually have to address the sky-high costs of care in this nation, but that’s not an easy conversation to have with the American public.

The Case for Unstructured Play and Its Connection to Better Health

Play has been receiving some long-overdue attention in recent months. Major media are discussing the benefits of play, its removal, and how parents and communities can restore play for their children.

Will “Repeal and Replace” Really Result in “Repeal and Confuse”?

The Republicans pledged to “repeal and replace” health reform, but some political observers are now concerned that the result could be little more than “repeal and confuse.”

Electronic Health Records for All: Will We Fulfill the Promise or Defer the Dream?

Health reform promised major changes in health IT, but will those changes reach the most at-risk populations, or only widen the divide in health disparities?

Bad Policy Can Kill: A Case Study on Competition from the English National Health Service

Recent policy proposals by the U.K. illustrate that even the smallest details of a policy are far from abstract, but can have profound effects on outcomes.

Is a Good Education the Best Medicine of All?

There is an undeniable link between education and health, even as we age. More school translates to a lower incidence of virtually every chronic disease, longer life span; and more.

We Are Adding More Content, More Often

Starting this week, the Altaurm Health Policy Forum will be expanding, offering our readers more content, more often.