Health Disparities

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The Biggest Health Disparity of All: Control (Part 1)

Creating Healthy Change One Community at a Time

Community change can happen, but sometimes it takes the whole community coming together for a common cause to see real results.

Electronic Health Records for All: Will We Fulfill the Promise or Defer the Dream?

Health reform promised major changes in health IT, but will those changes reach the most at-risk populations, or only widen the divide in health disparities?

Going For the Gold (Star) in Health Care

Better Health, begun in February 2007, involves more than 20 stakeholders including health systems, hospitals, payors, and state and local government, and the results are encouraging.

Surfing the Second Wave of Telemental Health

While there is debate about the precise rate of prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder and mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) in the population of service members returning from deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan, few would disagree...