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Note to Consumers: The Rules in Health Care Are a Little Different

Why Advocate for Consumer Choice in Health Care?

Consumer involvement in care decisions results in safer, more effective, and less expensive health care.

A Brief History of Health Spending Since 1965

In 1965 health spending was 6 percent. As of June 2011, it sits at 18.2 percent. This blog piece traces the growth in health spending share of GDP from 1965 to present and identifies important historical patterns and bends in the curve.

Health Reform – Many Americans Don’t Know What It Means

Polls have shown that the public remains divided about health reform – and remarkably ill-informed about it.

Medicare Spending Tug of War Continues

"Granny" is in the health policy crosshairs yet again. This time, it’s the Independent Payment Advisory Board that will theoretically unplug her, ration her, or sink her with the Titanic.