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Running, Chasing, Fleeing: Why We Need Rough and Tumble Play

What’s Killing Our Creativity?

Creativity is not something that should be thought of as a privilege of youth. It is something that we each can tap into each day, regardless of age.

Public Health Strategies: Enlisting a New Generation

Service learning presents an amazing opportunity to include children and youth in efforts to deal with the public health crises that are obesity and the play deficit.

Health Law Bolsters Funding for In-School Clinics

School-based health centers go beyond the services of a school nurse. They are clinics that provide primary care to students, and often mental health and dental care as well. For some kids their school clinic doctor or nurse practitioner...

Child’s Play: It’s a Social Justice Issue

Play offers children a unique opportunity to face social justice issues head on, while also providing them space to work through a myriad of scenarios that highlight just how aware children are of the disparities we face.