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VA Experience Shows Patient ‘Rebound’ Hard to Counter

Medicare Spending Tug of War Continues

"Granny" is in the health policy crosshairs yet again. This time, it’s the Independent Payment Advisory Board that will theoretically unplug her, ration her, or sink her with the Titanic.

Transitional Care Model: A Better Approach for High Risk or Chronically Ill

Transitional care is what patients and families deserve, but are often bewildered and at a loss as to how to do it on their own, when they and their loved ones don’t get it.

Is the Political Terrain Shifting on Health Reform?

ACA is not only the law of the land but a law that will begin to put down roots, affect people’s lives, and become part of the socio-legal-economic fabric, just like Social Security and Medicare did.

Will Hospital Cost-Shifting Blunt the Impact of Medicare Payment Reform?

The economics literature has not consistently found that cost shifting exists, and when it is discovered, the rate of shifting tends to be far lower than a dollar for dollar transfer.