Monthly Archives: February 2011

Creating Healthy Change One Community at a Time

Community change can happen, but sometimes it takes the whole community coming together for a common cause to see real results.

Are There Alternatives to a Mandate? Yes, But They Create More Problems Than They Solve.

The health insurance mandate has become a lighting rod for criticism from opponents of health reform. Are there real alternatives to a mandate, or are they worse than the cure?

Some Seniors Are In For Sticker Shock on Drug Premiums

The Obama administration often touts the health-law provision that over the next decade will close the unpopular "doughnut hole,” but some seniors may still have sticker shock on drug prices.

Full Capacity Protocol: Simple Changes Can Transform a Hospital

Full Capacity Protocol sounds like the clinical version of chutzpah. But it turns out that there is more thought and less bravado in the approach than one might first think.

Achieving Person-Centered Care Through Accountable Care Organizations

This year, the first members of the baby boomer generation will turn age 65, forcing a wholesale re-imagining of the meaning and process of aging and the systems that serve older people.

Small Business Health Care Wish List: Repeal and Replace

For small business to flourish, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) must go away, and—equally importantly—the status quo that preceded it must never return.

Paying–and Playing–for Prevention: Is it Worth a Pound of Cure?

Health reform has renewed the emphasis on prevention as a means of achieving costs savings. But will prevention save money, and do we even know what works?

Public Doesn’t Support Cuts To Health Care Programs

As lawmakers face renewed pressure to remedy the country's trillion-dollar budget deficit, fractured public opinion on cuts complicates political strategies in the run up to the 2012 presidential election.