Monthly Archives: August 2010

Shared Decision-Making: Ensuring the PPACA Really Makes Health Care Affordable and Sustainable

The administration touts the cost savings potential of health reform, but does it address the core drivers of poor health and high costs in a way understandable to patients and their doctors?

Can Cost Outcome Research Really Deliver Savings?

Given that the US has the highest health care costs in the world relative to the size of our economy, it’s hard to argue against the utility of examining where and how our health care dollars are being spent.

Building Medical Homes for Medicaid

Care Oregon, the state’s main Medicaid managed care plan, had two choices a few years ago.

Health Care Reform and Long-Term Care–The Beginning of System Redesign

There are substantial economic and personal costs that accompany aging with functional impairment.

Learning from Health Care Reform Abroad — More Lessons from the British National Health Service

Unlike in the U.S., where it’s difficult to pass health care legislation, sweeping health care reforms are commonplace in Britain, and we might learn much from their mistakes (and successes).