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Jul 27, 2011 The Tipping Point in America's Obesity Epidemic Obesity is hurting more than just our health, it’s hitting us in the pocketbook. Obesity-related health care costs total around $147 billion annually, roughly 10 percent of health care spending. And it’s hurting our productivity. Obesity-related job absenteeism costs about $4.3 annually, lower productivity accounts for approximately $506 per obese worker per year, and as a person’s BMI increases, so do his or her sick days, medical claims, and health care costs. Obesity | Public Health Preparedness
Jul 25, 2011 Health Law Bolsters Funding for In-School Clinics Treating skinned knees and stomachaches is part of the drill at any school nurse’s office or school-based health center. But for many kids, health-care providers at these sites do much more than treat everyday aches and pains: They give checkups and vaccinations, make sure kids take their insulin shots and antidepressants on time, and teach them how to manage chronic conditions such as asthma. Health Reform | Women & Children
Jul 21, 2011 Child’s Play: It’s a Social Justice Issue From my window I can hear the sounds of children at play. Their giggles and chants echo what childhood should be—a carefree time to explore, play, and challenge oneself. Only, despite the appearance this boisterous group provides, this is not the case for many children. In fact for many children play has become an issue of social justice. Obesity | Women & Children
Jul 19, 2011 Must We Bend the Health Care Employment Curve? Monthly employment figures for June (released on July 8) were much lower than anticipated and have caused new doubts about the robustness of the economic recovery. The increase in payroll jobs was only 18,000, a fraction of what had been expected by most forecasters. Costs & Economic Analysis
Jul 14, 2011 The Rhinestone Cowboy Shows Us the Way Glen Campbell’s decision to put a face on Alzheimer's by continuing to tour is a mark of real courage and heart. Not many celebrities let us come so close. Aging | Chronic Disease
Jul 12, 2011 Medicare Spending Tug of War Continues “Granny” is in the health policy crosshairs yet again. This time, it’s IPAB – the Independent Payment Advisory Board, the topic of two separate House hearings this week – that will theoretically unplug her, ration her, or sink her with the Titanic. Health Policy | Medicare
Jul 7, 2011 Informed Choices: A Critical Responsibility for Health Care Consumers Did you know that doctors make different treatment choices for themselves than they recommend to their patients? A recent study found that doctors are more likely to take on the risk of death to avoid serious complications than they recommend to patients. Consumer Choice | Health Policy | Public Health Preparedness