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Feb 24, 2011 Creating Healthy Change One Community at a Time At some point, each of us has been eyewitnesses to an injustice or infraction. While it is common to hear grumbles over the country’s current state of affairs, many grievances about the economy, health care, or education reform fail to make it beyond the dinner table or water cooler. Health Disparities | Public Health
Feb 22, 2011 Are There Alternatives to a Mandate? Yes, But They Create More Problems Than They Solve These days, the most hotly contested element of the health care reform law is the mandate that requires every American to purchase insurance coverage come 2014. The mandate is a lightning rod for criticism and many have expressed hope that the Supreme Court will deem it unconstitutional Health Policy | Health Reform | Insurance
Feb 17, 2011 Some Seniors Are In For Sticker Shock on Drug Premiums The Obama administration often touts the health-law provision that over the next decade will close the unpopular “doughnut hole”—a gap in Medicare prescription drug coverage. But officials rarely cite another provision, one that might cause sticker shock among some seniors. Aging | Health Reform | Insurance
Feb 14, 2011 Full Capacity Protocol: Simple Changes Can Transform a Hospital “Full Capacity Protocol”—the fancy name for when an emergency department (ED) sends patients “upstairs” whether a bed is available or not—sounds like the clinical version of chutzpah. But it turns out that there is more thought and less bravado (albeit still a dash of chutzpah) in the approach than one might first think. Hospitals
Feb 8, 2011 Small Business Health Care Wish List: Repeal and Replace To start a real dialogue that leads to real reform, here’s the small business position: The past was awful, the present lies somewhere between no-better and much-worse, and the future can be bright if sensible replace follows blessed repeal. Costs & Economic Analysis | Health Reform
Feb 1, 2011 Public Doesn't Support Cuts To Health Care Programs As Washington lawmakers face renewed pressure to remedy the country’s trillion-dollar budget deficit, fractured public opinion on where to make critical cuts—in health care and other major entitlement programs—could complicate political strategies in the run up to the 2012 presidential election Health Reform