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Feb 23, 2010 The Spread of Obesity in Developing and Transitional Countries Obesity is increasingly becoming an epidemic in industrialized nations, particularly in the U.S. where one out of every three adults is obese. Obesity | Women & Children
Feb 16, 2010 Will Nutrition Labels on Menus Make America Healthy, Wealthy, and Svelte? One perverse side effect of the stalled national health reform legislation is that popular, commonsense provisions tucked in the bills get stuck too. That includes the restaurant menu labeling requirement, which has support from Democrats; Republicans; the public health community; and, more recently, even the fast-food industry. Health Policy | Obesity | Public Health
Feb 10, 2010 Achieving Person-Centered Care Through Accountable Care Organizations As the nation ages, health care must evolve to focus around three critical factors: adopting person- and family-centered engagement with older adults who have complex care needs, improving the health of the older population as a whole, and improving cost efficiency. Health Reform | Hospitals | Managed Care
Feb 1, 2010 The Challenge of Monopolies in U.S. Health Care - England May Help Illustrate the Solution In the U.S., private-sector insurers hold a powerful monopoly in insurance markets, and this hinders progress. Conversely, in the U.K., it has historically been the government-run hospitals’ monopoly power that was hampering improvements. Health Policy | Health Reform | Insurance