Date Post Title Post Summary Topics
Oct 27, 2011 Evidence-Based Interventions: Replicate or Adapt? Carefully done research on small numbers in a few settings will not be enough to guide practical implementation of process redesign. Aging | Chronic Disease | Hospitals
Oct 25, 2011 Our (Limited) Policy Toolbox for Slowing Health Care Spending Growth Nearly every developed country is under substantial pressure to slow the growth in health care spending. However, as we have seen, while virtually every country has pledged to spend less, few have been successful. Costs & Economic Analysis | Health Reform
Oct 20, 2011 Running, Chasing, Fleeing: Why We Need Rough and Tumble Play If we can look past our fears that rough and tumble play breeds aggression, we can focus on its merits. Public Health | Women & Children
Oct 18, 2011 Are Health Apps the Cure for Anything That Ails You? The store offers a mindboggling array of creative apps, including ones that calculate calories burned during exercise, create soundtracks to help people fall asleep, and display pictures that can elicit memories from Alzheimer’s patients. If the store doesn’t offer something for what ails you now, it probably will soon. Information Technology | Public Health
Oct 13, 2011 Note to Consumers: The Rules in Health Care Are a Little Different Because consumers don’t realize that the price of health care products and services is set very differently than prices in other markets, it leads to perceptions and behaviors that can be expensive and even dangerous. Consumer Choice | Health Policy | Public Health
Oct 11, 2011 Health Care Law Subsidies: A Tale of Two Cities The 2010 health care law will conjure up a strange brew of inequities as it comes to a boil in 2014. The mechanistic, one-size-fits-all health insurance subsidies, for example, will generate serious questions about the law’s fairness. Costs & Economic Analysis | Health Reform
Oct 6, 2011 Are We There Yet? A Look at the National Long-Term Services and Supports Scorecard So many fundamental activities crucial to our daily lives can be measured with certainty and confidence, but not so in health care—and certainly not when it comes to aging and long-term services and supports. Aging | Chronic Disease
Oct 4, 2011 Innovations in Caregiver Support During Hospice A look at at three research projects aimed at developing something that may work—something that may improve end of life care for both the patient and the family. Chronic Disease | Information Technology