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Oct 26, 2010 More Doctors or Busier Nurses? Anticipated Shortages in Primary Care Providers May Demand Both Prior to the passage of health reform legislation, the U.S. health care system was already anticipating a shortage of primary care physicians as older physicians retired and fewer medical students appeared ready to take their place. Now, with the potential influx of millions of newly insured patients in 2014 when the full effects of health reform take effect, this potential shortage has become more urgent than ever. Health Policy | Health Reform
Oct 19, 2010 Going For the Gold (Star) in Health Care Better Health, which began in February 2007, involves more than 20 stakeholders including health systems, hospitals, payors, and state and local government. More than 45 participating physician practices—most of which have electronic health records that allow tracking and measurement—take part in learning collaboratives Chronic Disease | Health Disparities
Oct 5, 2010 It’s Our Down Economy That’s Driving Up Health Insurance Premiums In 2011, health insurance premiums in the United States are going to rise. In all likelihood, the price increase that consumers are going to see isn’t going to be trivial. Costs & Economic Analysis | Health Reform | Insurance