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Sep 29, 2011 Ten Years After September 11th and Anthrax September 11, 2001 shook the country to our core. On the heels of experiencing the unimaginable, the field of public health was thrust onto the front lines with the anthrax attacks – and was changed forever. Public Health | Public Health Preparedness
Sep 27, 2011 Why Advocate for Consumer Choice in Health Care? Providers deliver care of ever-increasing complexity within brief, often-rushed encounters, leaving limited time for dialog. So, why invest resources and attention on an individual’s preferences about treatment? Consumer Choice | Health Policy | Public Health
Sep 22, 2011 What's Killing Our Creativity? Creativity is not something that should be thought of as a privilege of youth. It is something that we each can tap into each day, regardless of age. Women & Children
Sep 20, 2011 A Brief History of Health Spending Since 1965 Since last March when we began tracking national health expenditures (NHE) on a monthly basis, we have been wondering when the health spending share of GDP would hit the 18 percent threshold. The recent downward revision of historical GDP estimates has provided the answer – it already happened — back in the summer of 2009, around the time when the recession was declared officially over. Costs & Economic Analysis | Health Policy
Sep 15, 2011 VA Experience Shows Patient 'Rebound' Hard to Counter The Veterans Health Administration, the largest integrated health care system in the country, has long employed many of the approaches Medicare is pushing on all hospitals to cut unnecessary readmissions. But new data show VA hospital patients are just as likely to end up back in a hospital bed as are patients at private hospitals. Medicare | Military & Veterans Health
Sep 13, 2011 Health Reform – Many Americans Don’t Know What It Means He finally said it. “Obama cares,” President Barack Obama told a town hall over the summer, turning the Republican “Obamacare” phrase on its head. I was wondering what took him so long Health Policy | Health Reform
Sep 8, 2011 Social Media’s Evolving Role in Health Care On August 23, 2011, some people in New York knew an earthquake was coming before it happened. They weren’t psychic (as far as I know), but digital tweets from their friends in Washington, DC arrived 30 seconds before any seismic rumbles began Information Technology
Sep 2, 2011 Where To For Hospice? While hospice provides a good model of care for the cancer patients it was originally designed to serve, it does not deliver efficiently or comprehensively what the majority of us will need. Aging | Chronic Disease | Hospitals