Jes Extender Review - Scam or Clinically Proven Device that Works?

Hi All, Welcome to my Jes Extender review!

My name is Jan Lundquist, and I am practicising doctor working near Stockholm, Sweden. Swedish is my native language, so please excuse my English, but I really wanted to make my information available to more people around the world, and most people do speak English.

I have a long practice and I know that many men who are not satisfied with size of their penis are trying various "extender" devices, one of them called "Jes Extender" has became so popular, that I had few my patients asking me about it and asking me what was my opinion about Jes Extender and they needed an advice wether use it or not.

Being a curious person, I have decided to find out whats the hype behind that Jes Extender. What could I do? I have ordered several units (in "Light" version - because it's cheapest and i didnt have too much money) , and also ordered 1 unit in Gold version (having all features included), just to see all the goodies...

Then I have offered several units to my patients who needed help about small size of their penises, and while they were using the device I have made some researches about penis extenders, how they work and surely about JesExtender itself. After just 3 weeks I was meeting first of my patients... and you know what? His penis really got bigger! We have measured it before he started using an extender and at that meeting after 3 weeks. He has experienced more than 5% increase of length in 3 weeks! Please Read my study about Jes Extender in this my blog and find out how...

jes extender reviews

Some Jes Extender Testimonials I Received

Here are some testimonials about Jes Extender I have received. I will keep this page updated as often as possible.

Mr. Alvar Johanson writes:

In the beginning of my story I was so very doubtful about the things I heard about that Jes Extender. I previously had a serious complex about my small penis and even didn't want to have sex. When erect it was 14.1cm, after 6 months use it's now close to 19.5 cm!! My girlfriend who previously made fun of my penis doesn't make so much fun anymore - says it hurts her heheh :) I'm very satisfied with my purchase. If you're not satisfied now don't doubt.

Jes Extender Packaging and Product Quality

In my first post I have mentioned that I have ordered several units of Jes Extender for my study.

First of all I would like to mention my feelings about packaging and quality of this product.

Because of nature of my work, I have seen many of those "extenders" and 90% of them are simple and cheap devices made of low quality materials in the 3rd world countries... in other words they are nothing like crap.

jes extender review

But Jes Extender looks and feels completely different. I was really surprised when I unpacked that discreet packaging paper and found a wonderful wooden box containing the device itself and all the accessories required. They were gold and shiny - from the first sight it was obvious for me that this device is different and after examining it closely I didn't find any defects in it. "Looks like these guys did a good job with that Jes Extender" - was my first thought.

Please keep on reading my study - after a few days I will publish results of my tests with my patients who used Jes Extender during summer and you will find out how it works.

My conclusion is that JesExtender surely can help men. It's very simple to explain how it works: principles of Jes Extender functionality are simple and logical. It utilizes the body's natural ability to adapt and adjust under pressure your penis size can be increased by what medical professionals call traction. You may have seen traction being used to lengthen broken limbs in hospitals. This technique is also widely used in plastic surgery to promote extra skin growth where implants are placed under the skin and gradually increased in size so the extra tissue can be used elsewhere on the body. Jes Extender is obviously a high quality device with unique design and quality - Both mine and their own clinical studies and tests are showing that Jes Extender really can increase male penis size.

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